J. S. Blancarte at your service. I'm a fairly recent college graduate located in the Emerald Coast of Florida.

My ultimate goal is to finish the manuscript for my first novel, which I plan on getting published traditionally.

I hold two bachelor's degrees in journalism and psychology, and I'm hoping to get into the Mental Health Counseling graduate program at UMass Boston. In April 2012, UMass Boston wasted no time in rejecting me after a disastrous Skype group interview. Currently, I'm no longer pursuing grad school.

I recently quit my job as a sales associate at a designer clothing store and am now looking to crack the code to get an entry level federal job.

When not working on my writing or bitterly revising my professional resume, I'm usually cooking, playing video games, painting, making scrapbooks, sewing, taking care of my houseplants, or wasting hours of my life on YouTube videos.

If you'd like to know anything else about me, this blog, or my stories, feel free to contact me at jsblancarte@gmail.com.