Whiskey Tea Cafe

Summary: When Hakan Kramer opens a tea café in a tourist town, his uncanny ability to match patrons with their favorite teas quickly gains him a loyal customer base, including the renowned rock star Avery Fawns. But as Avery's interest in Hakan grows, she begins to pull him into her world, one comprised of rock music, the thrill of fame, and the dangers involving a hidden Biblical race…the Nephilim. And he and his tea café are along for the ride.

Major Characters: Hakan Kramer, Avoria "Avery" Fawns.

Supporting Characters: Luke Prath, Evan Landry, Rochelle Steiner, Oliver Dowerg.

Author's Notes: Main story. Directly connected to debut novel.

Autumn Lotus

Summary: Gage Silveira's first year at the University of West Florida is highlighted by his reunion with his childhood sweetheart Mara Almstrand: intelligent botany student, Omicron Sigma Omega vice president…and newly self-proclaimed lesbian?

Major Characters: Gage Silveira, Mara Almstrand.

Supporting Characters: Hakan Kramer.

Author's Notes: Takes place the fall semester before the events of Whiskey Tea Cafe.