Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Character Spotlight] #1: Hakan Kramer

The protagonist of Whiskey Tea Cafe is a 21-year-old recent college graduate residing in Destin, FL! Introducing...Hakan Kramer!

Hakan appears in the first chapter as the owner of the titular cafe. His personality is portrayed as the calm and collected type, but his sense of humor manifests during his conversations (and bickering) with his best friend Luke Prath. He is described as having tousled black hair, slanted green eyes, assorted Nordic features, and a tall, toned build.

I picked his name out of a book of male names without the slightest clue how to pronounce it. Yes, my brilliance astounds me sometimes, too. I ended up Googling the correct pronunciation and determined it to be of Swedish origin...[HAH-kan]. Basically, just say "Hawkan" and you should be good.

My sister pointed out that he seems very similar to me, which makes sense, considering that he and this entire story are based in part on me and my life. However, there are quite a few stark differences, which I'm somewhat ashamed to admit:

...Wow. I think I've become jealous of my own fictional character.

-J. S. Blancarte


Anonymous said...

It's ok. If everyone were as perfect as him then there would be no one working at McDonald's. ^_^

Lindsay said...

Thanks for stopping by - your blog is great!

J. S. said...

Thanks, Lindsay! :)

cbeck said...

Realism in self image? What is all of that stuff? Heh, when I picture myself, I am a simply amazing specimen of the human race w/o a single character flaw!

J. S. said...

Cbeck, thanks for visiting! I so wish I could see myself as a flawless being worthy of worldwide reverence, but reality won't seem to allow me that one delusion ;)