Is J. S. Blancarte your real name?
Nope, it's my pen name.

Why did you choose to go by a pen name?

My real last name is of Spanish origin, difficult to pronounce, and virtually impossible to remember. I came up with "J. S. Blancarte" because I still wanted a Spanish surname (just one that's more pronounceable), and the first two initials were chosen simply because I write them prettily.

What program do you use for your drawings?
Paint.NET. It's very similar to MS Paint, but with a few extra features.

Why do you draw people as birds in your illustrations?
When I was writing my very first blog post, it was 2:30 AM, I was sleep-deprived, and my mood was extremely random. I ended up depicting myself as a blue bird, and the theme just sort of stuck.

What websites do you post your original fiction on?
FictionPress, Wattpad, and WritersCafe...among others.

What stories have you posted online?
Whiskey Tea Cafe and Autumn Lotus.