Friday, September 30, 2011

[Character Spotlight] #2: Avery Fawns

The leading lady of Whiskey Tea Cafe is the 19-year-old singer and guitarist of the popular rock band 2-Gen Alpha. Introducing...Avoria "Avery" Fawns!

Avery makes her debut at the end of the second chapter when she and the band show up unexpectedly at the cafe. She comes off as laid back, friendly, and somewhat mischievous, especially during her interactions with Hakan. There is also a perpetual air of mystery about her, dispelled only when she performs on stage.

I came up with the name "Avoria" thirteen years ago when I was a kid, back when I used to draw portraits of women--horribly, might I add--and assign them made-up names (although searching Google now tells me that I wasn't groundbreaking in my discovery). For some reason the name came back to me while I was brainstorming characters earlier this year, and after some tinkering, I ended up with Avery Fawns.

Her role in Whiskey Tea Cafe as the protagonist's love interest originally belonged to a character named Kalani Milohai, who is now the protagonist of my debut novel. Avery was actually going to be a supporting character in the novel (which I had planned to be a direct sequel to Whiskey Tea Cafe), but when I started reading about first rights in the publishing industry, I bumped Kalani off this project and moved Avery to take her place.

Regarding Avery's appearance, she actually has hazel eyes and long chestnut hair, unlike what my above illustration depicts. (She is NOT bald! I promise!)

When I draw people as birds, I generally omit clothing and hair because 1) I want to stay consistent with my art style, and 2) I'm actually just really lazy. I usually distinguish females by assigning them head accessories, such as a flower or a bow.

But since I wouldn't want you to go around with the mental image of a bald female vocalist in my story, I drew this extra picture just for you:

Check out those luscious locks!

And to all you artists fixing to nitpick my shading and highlights, I'd like to issue the disclaimer that I draw all my pictures with my trackpad and Paint.NET (which is basically a fancy version of MS Paint).

...Not much of an excuse, huh? Yeah, I didn't think so, either. All right, bring on the criticism!



Anonymous said...

Hey J.S.! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I have a bit of a bird obsession, so I am loving your bird drawings. Good luck with your writing career (sounds more fun than working retail but, hey, you gotta work somewhere). I thought about having a pen name for my blog, but I ended up with my real name, Sage, because it's different enough.

J. S. said...

Hi, Sage! Thank you for leaving a comment, and I'm happy you like my drawings because some people couldn't tell they're supposed to be birds, haha. I agree that your name is unique in itself, and very fitting for your blog content :)

Anonymous said...

Me again. I gave you a fun award on my blog today! Of course, you're under no obligation to participate. I just want my readers to know how great your blog is. :)

Bodaciousboomer said...

I'm totally impressed by your artwork. I can do nothing-zero-zippo-nada in the way of computer graphics.

J. S. said...

@Sage: I'm heading over to your blog now! :)

@Bodaciousboomer: Thank you! MS Paint and I have a love-hate relationship :)